Online Rpg Avabel MOD APK 4.0.45
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4.2 of 394,298 Ratings
4.2 of 394,298 Ratings

You are downloading Online Rpg Avabel MOD APK 4.0.45 (Unlimited Gems/Unlocked All) on your Android smartphone for free.

This online RPG game has won serious acclaim, thanks to its ability to combine RPG gaming elements with MMO tactics. Avabel Online has steadily increased in popularity since its release and for very good reason.

Simply put, the quality of this game is nothing less than exceptional, as there are a wide range of detailed worlds to explore, brilliant graphics to enjoy and top notch action combat to partake in. To get started, players can create their own character and there are several customization options to make the process even easier.

The game takes a while to get into and you are only able to wield the most rudimentary swords and daggers until you start to level up. Once you’ve made it to level 5, you have the option of selecting from seven different classes. All of the classes have their own unique skill set and I highly recommend giving each of them a try, so that you can find out what works for you.

At level 50, you are given the chance to unlock advanced classes and thanks to this game’s large, beautiful 3D world, you will find tough to pull yourself away. The worlds you explore are at least partially open, while there are also portals that can be found that allow you to travel to the previous level or the next one.

I found myself almost immediately transfixed and this game is definitely one of the more addictive RPG/MMO combos that I have picked up in a long time. The combat is engaging, the worlds are richly drawn and there is never a shortage of items to collect, levels to gain or places to explore.

All in all, this is a game that provides a sizable amount of fun and the hardest part will be convincing yourself to set it back down. For more information about fun RPG/MMO games, bookmark this page and be sure to return frequently.

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Online Rpg Avabel MOD APK 4.0.45 (Unlimited Gems/Unlocked All) Free

5/26 4.0.45
[Added Features and Changes]
-Improvement of the menu type “Modern”.
–Improved the display of Level, HP, and SP.
–Chat made available when the character has fallen.
[Bug Fixes]
-Fix for the issue of the button to go back to the Base being displayed on the 2nd map of the tutorial sequence.
-Fix for the issue of the percentage indication in the loading screen going back when moving to another map.
-Other small bug fixes.

  • Package Name: Online Rpg Avabel MOD APK 4.0.45 (Unlimited Gems/Unlocked All) for Android
  • Game Size:
  • Required Android OS: Android 2.3 Gingerbread (API level 9) and Up
  • Published: 26th May 2017 at 8:22 PM
  • Language: English, Japanese