Cyrus Installer APK
4.3 of 17,993 Ratings
4.3 of 17,993 Ratings

Ever wondered how you could get past the difficult level on a game you’ve invested time on? Want to unlock songs and listen with no ads to the music app you have? Well you can with Cyrus Installer APK, it offers jailbreaker adjustments to customers who do not have access to jailbreaker firmware.

The retro almost nintendo styled interface is easy to enjoy and navigating through couldn’t be easier with the clear menus and fun looking appearance. It really is one of the better looking applications for software in its genre. It was built to look simple and minimalistic which it definitely is, but this is good as the screen isn’t taken over by an over indulgent design and no ads will pop up. Simplicity is they key with this app – simple look, simple to use, simple to download apps.

People often ask if it is safe to use one of these apps, although we can’t speak for every jailbreak enhancing app, we can say that Cyrus Installer APK is safe. It is also free so doesn’t have any advertising commitments and they only provide access to hacked apps that do not have spyware or adware.

Some of the benefits Include:
● Access to hacked social media apps
● Entertainment Film and TV apps
● Games
● Emulators

Tweaked Apps like Pokemon Go also feature that cannot be found on TweakBox APK or AppValley APK can be found here, so the tricky bits that have given you so much strife will be no more! Emulators are also great, play all the retro games you used to love at the click of a few buttons, there really is so much on this app.

Another great feature of this app that you don’t always find with its competitors is that it shows the status of each app by using a color coded icon. This is useful for users who want to know if they can access and use what they download immediately. This is what they are and what they mean:

● Green – Working
● Red – Not Working
● Blue – Needs Airplane
● Orange – Needs Loophole

Cyrus does rely on donations so if you download the app and get good use out of it don’t forget to reward the developers for their effort – it’s what keeps the app alive! If you have any questions you can even email Cyrus directly on it’s good to know that they care about their customers enough to offer this.

Bug Fixes

  • Package Name: Cyrus Installer APK for Android (Latest Version)
  • App Size:
  • Required Android OS: Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread (API level 10) and Up
  • Published: 23rd July 2017 at 8:13 PM
  • Language: English